Coworking space

Community-based sharing spaces.

WINE bar

You can drink homemade wine from the locals.

Hair Salon

The first Asian beauty salon in Georgia.

How to use ANO

How to use

About us

Making life convenient for expats who have moved to Georgia.

In recent years, many nomads from all over the world have migrated to Georgia. We provide such people with services that make their new lives more convenient and smart.


Smart & Convenience

Is a pretty wall all you need for a coworking space? No, but you also need stress-free internet speed and moderate ambient sound that helps you focus.

High Speed WiFi 

We offer superfast internet at 45Mbps. This is one of the highest levels of speed in Georgia.

Free wine bar

The wine bar is free for users of the coworking space. All you need is a venue for an after-work drink!


You can have a cultural exchange with Asian people, which is rare in Georgia.

Smart Payment

If you leave your wallet at home, no problem. All payments are only made on the website.


Enjoy your time after work

In the evening, Let’s have international exchanges and share information about nomd life.


Visitors don’t pay by drink. You can drink as much as you want once you pay the entrance fee.

No more lost wallets

The entrance fee can be paid on the website. You don’t have to bring your wallet, so you will never forget it in a taxi on the way home!

Free Wine

Free for all users of the coworking space and beauty salon.


We have a collection of wines made with love from local families.


Rent for Hairdresser

ANO salon is the beauty salon version of a coworking space. We offer haircut seats and shampoo room for freelance hairdressers.The customer will contact the individual hairdresser directly at the time of the reservation.

Owner from today

A freelance hairdresser can rent a seat and become an owner from today.

Private room

The shampoo room is a private room, so it is very comfortable.

24 / 365

You can use your seat 24 hours a day at any time you want.

Close to the metro

3 minutes walk from Metro Tsereteli, so it’s easy to get there.

How to use ANO